Core JAVA Training from Greens Technology Velachery Technologies Teaches the aspiring student on ways in which, Java became the popular Digital Technologies of all time. It is now used in Web Designing and other sectors, mostly preferred by a fresher. If you are one of the fresher’s, and plan to learn everything related to Core Java Techniques, then you are most welcome to join our classes. We will teach you to use Java in various sectors like 3D gaming, flash video application, complex software development and more. Thanks to our world-class trainers, now you will come to learn everything bout Core Java Training, which is an object-oriented programming language.

We have classified our Java Training Course into three levels of programming, as a basic concept: specialized Java Programming, Core Java Programming and Advanced form of Java Programming. Among so many variations available, the first basic level is considered as Core JAVA Programming sector. You will get the opportunity to attend our basic Java Training class, and get to check the present fundamental knowledge.

Objectives of Java Training Course

  • Creation of some object-oriented programs with the help of Java programming language
  • Implementing interfaces in the current java application
  • Creating amazing Java classes by extending the present Java classes
  • Accessing some of the internal properties of any class with the help of using reflection
  • Application of exception handling mechanism, in the field of Java application
  • Creation of multi-threaded app in Java
  • Development of UI applications with the help of Swing or AWT
  • Creation of Java applets and networking application
  • Usage of JDBC APIs in the present Java application

Course Curriculum

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  • Need of a Software
  • Need of a programming language
  • Various programming languages at market
  • Java history
  • Differences between java and other programming languages
  • Need of java rather than others
  • Java features
  • Java coding standards/Java naming conventions
  • Java programming Structure.
  • Various versions of Java.

Language Fundamentals

  • Identifiers
  • Variables
  • Keywords and some important keywords in core level.
  • Operators in java
  • Data Types
  • Type casting
  • Java Statements

Various steps towards java application development

  • Java Installation
    • Setting environmental variable
  • First Java Application development
  • Compile java file
  • Execute java application.


  • Types of Programming languages
  • Introduction on Object Oriented Programming languages
  • Object oriented features
  • Containers in java
  • Class, Object, encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, Polymorphism
  • Class syntax
  • Access Modifiers in java
  • Methods in java
    • Method syntax
    • Accessor methods VS Mutator Methods
    • Concrete Method VS Abstract Method
  • main() method
    • public static void main(String[] args)
    • why public?
    • why static?
    • why void?
    • why main?
    • why String[] as parameter?
  • Constructors
    • Various types of constructors
      • Default constructor
    • User defined constructor
      • 0-arg-constructor
      • Param-constructor
    • Objects
      • Syntax to create an object
      • Types of objects
      • Object VS Instance
    • Instance Context
      • Instance variable
      • Instance method
      • Instance block
    • this keyword
    • static keyword
      • static variable
      • static method
      • static block
      • static import
    • final keyword
    • enum keyword
    • Inheritance
      • Types of Inheritance
      • Inheritance in real time.
    • super keyword
    • Polymorphism
      • Types of Polymorphism
      • Method Overloading & Method Overriding
    • Abstract Class
    • Interface
    • Class VS Abstract Class VS Interface
    • Real time examples using various oops concepts.


  • Introduction on packages
  • Advantages of packages
  • Types of packages

String Manipulations

  • String
  • String Buffer
  • String Builder
  • String Tokenizer
  • Real time examples on Strings.

Exception Handling

  • Error VS Exception
  • Exception Definition
  • Need of Exception Handling in java
  • Types of Exceptions
  • throw VS throws
  • try-catch-finally
  • Custom Exceptions
  • Exception handling in real time.

Wrapper Classes

  • Byte, Short, Integer, Long, Float, Double, Boolean, Character.


  • Process VS Processor VS Procedure
  • Single Processing mechanism VS Multi Processing Mechanism
  • Single Thread Model And Multi Thread Model
  • Designing a Thread
    • By extending Thread class
    • By implementing Runnable interface
  • Thread class library
  • Thread lifecycle
  • Synchronization
  • Daemon Thread
  • Inter Thread Communication
    • wait()
    • notify()
    • notifyAll()
  • Deadlocks


  • Stream Introduction
  • Types of Streams
    • Byte-Oriented Streams
      • Input Streams
      • Output Streams
    • Character-Oriented Streams
      • File Reader
      • File Writer
    • Serialization VS Deserialization

Collection Framework

  • Arrays
  • Collections
  • Differences between arrays and collections
  • Collection Architecture
  • List and its implementations
    • ArrayList
    • Vector
    • Stack
    • LinkedList
  • Set and its implementations
    • HashSet
    • LinkedHashSet
    • SortedSet
    • NavigableSet
    • TreeSet
  • Map and its implementations
    • HashMap
    • Identity HashMap
    • Weak HashMap
    • SortedMap
    • Hashtable
    • Properties
  • Queue and its implementations
    • Priority Queue
    • Blocking Queue
    • Priority Blocking Queue
    • Linked Blocking Queue
  • Iterators
    • Iterator
    • ListIterator
    • Enumeration
  • Collections in realtime.

Real-time concepts and best practices on Core java.

Advance JAVA (J2EE)


  • Introduction
  • Jdbc Architecture
  • Types of Drivers and details
  • Statement
  • Prepare Statement
  • Callable Statement


  • Introduction
  • Web application Architecture
  • Http Protocol & Http Methods
  • Web Server & Application Server
  • Servlet Interface
  • GenericServlet
  • HttpServlet
  • Servlet Life Cycle and methods
  • ServletConfig
  • ServletContext
  • Servlet Communication
    • Servlet-Browser communication
      • sendError
      • setHeader
      • SendRedirect
    • Web-component Communication
      • Forward
      • Include
    • Session Tracking Mechanisms
      • HttpSession
      • Cookies
      • URL-Rewriting
      • Hidden-Form Fields
    • Real time application using servlets.
    • Real time application by integrating servlets and JDBC.


  • Introduction
  • Jsp LifeCycle
  • Jsp Implicit Objects & Scopes
  • Jsp Directives
    • page
    • include
    • taglib
  • Jsp Scripting Elements
    • Declaratives
    • Scriptlets
    • Expressions
  • Jsp Actions

JAVA Frameworks

Need of various Java frameworks Struts

  • Introduction
  • System logical layers
    • Presentation layer
    • Business processing layer
    • Data Storage and access layer
  • System Architecture
    • 1-tier Architecture
    • 2-tier Architecture
    • n-tier Architecture
  • WebApplication Models
    • Model1-Architecture
    • Model2-Architecture
    • MVC Architecture& its Rules & Regulations
  • Struts Flow of Execution
  • Struts Elements
    • View
    • ActionServlet
    • RequestProcessor
    • FormBean(ActionForm)
    • Action class
    • xml
    • Struts Configuration File
  • Struts Tag Library
  • DynaActionForm
  • Validations
    • Client Side Validations
    • Server Side Validations
      • Programmatic Approach
      • Declarative Approach(Validator Framework)
    • Internationalization in struts(I18N)
    • Exception Handling in Struts
      • Programmatic Approach
      • Declarative Approach
    • Tiles Frame work
    • Built-in Actions in Struts
      • IncludeAction
      • ForwardAction
      • LocaleAction
      • DispatchAction
      • Lookup Dispatch Action
    • Real time best practices in struts.
    • Real time Application by integrating struts and Hibernate.


  • Advantages of Hibernate compared to JDBC
  • Introduction of Hibernate
  • ORM (Object Relational Mapping)
  • Hibernate Components
    • Configuration XML file
    • Mapping XML file
    • Persistent Class
    • Client Application.
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Setup Required, Installation and Directory Structure
  • Hibernate API
    • Configuration
    • SessionFactory
    • Session
    • Transaction
  • First Flow Application of Hibernate
  • CRUD Operations using Session Methods
  • Generators in hibernate
    • Assigned
    • Increment
    • Sequence
    • Hilo
    • Seqhilo
    • Native
  • Hibernate Query Language (HQL)
  • Native SQL
  • Criteria API
  • Inheritance in Hibernate
  • Relations
    • one to one
    • one to many
    • many to one
    • many to many
  • Real-time application by integrating Hibernate and Web Framework.
  • Real-time best practices in Hibernate.


  • Eclipse


  • Tomcat


  • Oracle

Real time applications, best practices and standards. Mini project using Servlets, JSP and JDBC. Design patterns. Java interview questions and answers. JSF and Spring Introduction.

Who Can Learn?

Anyone, with the urge to learn about core Java, can be a part of our program from Greens Technology Velachery Technologies. However, it is recommended for them to have C programming, as one of the core subjects. On the other hand, they must have some knowledge of current object-oriented programming, which will act as an advantage for them. Our course is primarily designed for students, and some technical recruiters. It is also for the software developers, willing to use Java platform in the best possible manner, to create their programming base.

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