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French is one of the prominent Romantic language of the Indo-European family which descended from the Latin language. It is officially spoken in more than 41 countries and there are more than 200 million French speakers all over the world. It is the second most widely learned foreign language after English, and the ninth most widely spoken language in the world. A knowledge of French opens the doors of many multinational companies throughout the world. As the world’s fifth biggest economy and a major centre for foreign investment, French companies and firms are a key economic partner. Thus a command over this language will increase one’s Job opportunities and salary potential. world. French is the only language, alongside English, that is taught in every country in the world.

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Learn French with the international market leader for French courses: the Best French classes in Chennai offers intensive - super-intensive courses. Once your ability has been individually assessed, you will begin lessons at the appropriate course level. If you have no previous knowledge of French, you will automatically start at level A1.

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German, OET, PTE, English language test
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German, OET, PTE, English language test
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German, OET, PTE, English language test
German, OET, PTE, English language test
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Beginner’s Level [A1 Certification]

This is a fundamental stage of French language where the student learns to use basic familiar, everyday words and sentences, which are very much needed in day to day conversation. After completing this level at Greens Technology the student can introduce him/herself and even others and can build basic dialogues.

Intermediate Level [A2 Certification]

After the successful completion of this level at Greens Technology the student can understand sentences and words which are commonly attached with routine or day to day themes i.e. personal or their family information, professional experiences, or immediate surroundings. The students can build dialogues and get in conversation with other French speaker on themes relating to simple, day to day situations.

Advance Level [B1 Certification]

After the successful completion of this level at Greens Technology the student gets familiar with standard language which helps them to get acquitted to topics related to professional life and cultural diversity and starts to learn to read small texts or books on simple day to day themes and concerns. The student after this level can express their emotions and dreams or put forward their opinion on many debatable topics.

Advance Level [B2 Certification]

This is one of the major level in French language. After the successful completion of this level at Greens Technology, the student acquires the ability to understand the concerns and thematic issues of not only simple texts but also the complex one. We at Greens Technology train and encourage the students at this level to understand and take part in specialized discussions relating to his/her specialization. The fluency and the conversational part is a vital part of this level wherein the students can now converse fluently with the native French speakers without any hesitation.

Proficiency Level [C1 Certification]

At this level the student enters the higher level of the language. After the successful completion of this level at Greens Technology the student can now easily read and speak on various challenging longer texts. The student gets familiar with dealing not only literary books or issues but also scientific ones too. The student at this level acquire the effectiveness and flexibility to converse and write in the field of his specialization.

Master Level [C2 Certification]

This is the highest level of the language where we at Greens Technology basically focus on brushing up the skills of the student. At this level the trainer transform him/herself into a moderator. They help the student to acquire that level wherein he /she can effortlessly understand practically everything he/she reads or hears.

Students Testimonials

  • Very Happy with your service Greens Technologys, you have the best motivated and cool language teachers. how they plan to teach you effectively and reach the maximum with is just perfect. Thank you and i wish you the best, it's really recommended !!!
  • Greens Technologys is one of the best language schools in Chennai. The teachers have lots of experience and have the will of helping the students with every single obstacle that they face during their time in Heidelberg. The school has a highly organized program for each class. Each class has a small amount of students what makes learning much easier and effective. Also the school offers large amount of courses, the students can learn from A1 till C1 within a year. Highly recommended.

Scope of the Course

By the completion of the program, the student will be able to perform the following:

  • Introduce themselves
  • Greet people in French
  • Learn common phrases
  • Learn how to frame basic sentences in French
  • Get a basic understanding of grammar practices as well as basic vocabulary
  • Understand verbs and their various forms, including past, future and negative forms
  • Use basic grammar concepts such as adjectives