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Japanese is an East Asian language spoken about 128 million people as their national language. Japanese is classified as old Japanese, early middle Japanese, late middle Japanese, early modern Japanese and late modern Japanese. This classification brings out the complete knowledge about the language and its origin. Greens Technology offers you with the complete description in the process of learning the language which leads to better future with the language. Proficiency in a foreign language like can be an added advantage if you wish to take your professional career to the next level. The boundaries between the countries are now becoming non-existent as people are travelling to various countries in the search of better job prospects. In such a scenario, having a command over a foreign language like Japanese will give a major boost to your career. Greens technology offers you the kind of training that is hard to be found anywhere else. When you learn the Japanese language with us, you are bound to have a command over the language and get a deeper understanding of Japanese language.

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Learn Japanese with the international market leader for Japanese courses: the Best Japanese classes in Chennai offers intensive - super-intensive courses. Once your ability has been individually assessed, you will begin lessons at the appropriate course level. If you have no previous knowledge of Japanese, you will automatically start at level A1.

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German, OET, PTE, English language test
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German, OET, PTE, English language test
German, OET, PTE, English language test
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Basic Japanese Course

The basic language course from Kizoku enables the student to master the basic conversation in Japanese Language. The course is intended for the beginners and lets you identify whether Japanese is for you. You will learn about vocabulary and be able to frame small sentences and talk with people in the day to day life. The course can also be beneficial if you are going on an on-site visit from your firm to Japan. The course is divided into two parts for JLPT exam.

About JLPT N5 exam Basic Japanese Part 1

The aim of the course is to help the students acquire the initial command over the language. After the completion of the course, the students will be able to strike a conversation in Japanese.

About JLPT N5 exam Basic Japanese Part 2

The aim of the course is to help the students have the entry level command over reading and writing in the Japanese language using the Japanese script Hiragana, Kanji and Katakana.

Intermediate Course in Japanese Language

Intermediate level Japanese courses at Kizoku are the extension of the Basic Japanese language Course. The course is aimed towards making the students expert in the Intermediate level of the language so that they are able to strike a conversation in Japanese with ease.

Course details for the Intermediate Japanese Language Course to crack JLPT N4

The aim of the intermediate course is to help the student to comprehend the intermediate level of the language with more command over the vocabulary, concepts of grammar and larger sentences.

The Scope of the Course is command over scripts like Kanji and also to understand the passages, large sentences and conversations, concepts of grammar, including verbs and comprehension, etc. The teaching methods employed at Greens technology make use of aids and tools like audio-visual presentations and slides, flashcards, and other most used techniques such as conversation kits, etc.

The study material which is supplied to the students are sourced from Japan and is ideally prepared for the JLPT. Students are also provided with sample papers for the exam and other training support.

Pre - Advance Course in Japanese Language

You can now be proficient with the pre- advance level of Japanese . The Pre-advance at Greens Technology is the extension of the Intermediate Level Japanese Language Course.11

  • The course is aimed towards transforming you from an intermediate to an advanced learner of Japanese language. After the completion of the course the student is able to talk, read and write in Japanese quite well.
  • Entire syllabus of JLPT N3 covered.
  • Ability to understand advance vocabulary, complex patterns in grammar, frame sentences easily.
  • Command over various scripts and ability to listen and comprehend

Developing understanding of the advance Grammar particles, verbs and comprehension passages so that the student is able to pass the JLPT N3 exam.

Advanced Course in Japanese Language

After the completion of Pre-Advance level of Japanese with Greens Technology, you can get into the final Advance course in Japanese language. The advance Japanese course at the best training institute at Chennai in Greens Technology is the extension of the pre-advance Level Japanese Language Course.

The course is aimed towards making you proficient in the Japanese language. After the completion of the course the student is able to efficiently talk, read and write in Japanese. You will also be ready to crack the JLPT N2 exam.

Students Testimonials

  • Very Happy with your service Greens Technologys, you have the best motivated and cool language teachers. how they plan to teach you effectively and reach the maximum with is just perfect. Thank you and i wish you the best, it's really recommended !!!
  • Greens Technologys is one of the best language schools in Chennai. The teachers have lots of experience and have the will of helping the students with every single obstacle that they face during their time in Heidelberg. The school has a highly organized program for each class. Each class has a small amount of students what makes learning much easier and effective. Also the school offers large amount of courses, the students can learn from A1 till C1 within a year. Highly recommended.

Scope of the Course

By the completion of the program, the student will be able to perform the following:

  • Introduce themselves
  • Greet people in Japanese
  • Learn common phrases
  • Learn how to frame basic sentences in Japanese
  • Get a basic understanding of grammar practices as well as basic vocabulary
  • Understand verbs and their various forms, including past, future and negative forms
  • Use basic grammar concepts such as adjectives