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Course Curriculum

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  • Introduction to Clusters
  • Why cluster?
  • Different Clustering Architectures
  • Shared Nothing Clusters
  • Shared Disk Clusters
  • Shared Everything Clusters

Introduction to Oracle Real ApplicationClusters (RAC) 12c

  • What is Oracle Real Application
  • Clusters (RAC)?
  • Benefits of Oracle RAC
  • What RAC is NOT?
  • History of RAC
  • Tools & Utilities to manage RAC

Overview of Oracle RAC Infrastructure

  • Overview of Infrastructure required to implement RAC
  • Server & OS requirements
  • Network requirements
  • Storage requirements
  • Software requirements

Overview of Oracle Clusterware

  • What is Oracle Clusterware?
  • About OCR & Voting Disks
  • About Virtual IPs (VIP)
  • Single Client Access Name(SCAN)
  • SCAN Listeners
  • SCAN and DNS server
  • SCAN and host file
  • Node Listeners

Oracle ASM Concepts

  • Overview of Oracle ASM
  • ASM Features & Advantages
  • ASM Instance
  • ASM Disks & ASM Disk Groups
  • ASM Diskgroup Redundancy
  • ASM Failure groups
  • ASM Files
  • ASM Extents & Allocation Unit
  • Interaction between ASM Instance & RDBMS instance
  • ASM Limits

Overview of Oracle 12c Flex Cluster & Flex ASM

  • Oracle 12c Flex Cluster Architecture
  • Hub Nodes & Leaf nodes
  • Standard ASM
  • Overview of Oracle 12c Flex ASM
  • Flex ASM Architecture
  • Oracle Flex ASM Clusters Network
  • Oracle Flex ASM Listener
  • Benefits of Flex ASM

Preparing for Oracle 12c Grid Infrastructure Installation

  • Verifying System Requirements
  • Configuring the Network
  • Preparing the Operating System
  • Configuring Users & Groups
  • Configuring SSH
  • Configuring Installation Directories
  • Configuring Shared Storage
  • Creating Oracle ASM Disks

Installing Oracle 12c Grid Infrastructure

  • Verifying installation requirements withCluster Verification Utility
  • Installing the Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Verifying Oracle Clusterware Installation

Installing & Creating Oracle 12c RAC Database

  • Creating required directories
  • Installing Oracle 12c and Creating RACdatabase
  • Verifying RAC Database Creation

Administering Oracle Clusterware

  • Purpose of Oracle Clusterware (OCW)
  • OCW Services & Processes
  • OCW Resources
  • Local & Cluster resources
  • Understanding OCW Process Startup
  • Managing Oracle Clusterware using CRSCTL & SRVCTL commands
  • Starting & Stopping OCW
  • Enabling & Disabling OCW
  • Purpose of OCR & Voting Disks
  • Managing OCR & Voting Disks
  • Adding/Removing OCR Locations & Voting Disks
  • Backup of OCR & Voting Disks
  • Oracle Local Registry (OLR)
  • Managing OLR

Administering Oracle 12c Flex Clusters

  • Verifying Oracle Cluster mode
  • Listing node roles
  • Verifying ASM Cluster mode
  • Listing ASM Instances & Listeners
  • Testing ASM failure in Flex Cluster

Oracle Clusterware Diagnostic & AlertLog data

  • ADR Directory Structure &ADRCI
  • Oracle clusterware trace files and AlertLog file
  • Normal trace files & Incident Trace files
  • Collecting Oracle Clusterware
  • Diagnostic data
  • Diagnostics Collection Script

Cluster Health Monitor(CHM)

  • Overview of monitoring Oracle Clusterware
  • Cluster Health Monitor (CHM)
  • Oracle 12c Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR)
  • Collecting CHM data
  • Managing CHM with OCLUMON

Using Cluster Verification Utility(CVU)

  • About Cluster Verification Utility
  • CVU command format & usage
  • Using CVU for stage verification
  • Using CVU to check cluster components

Administering ASM Instances

  • Initialization Parameters for ASM Instances
  • Parameter Files for ASM Instances
  • Managing ASM Instance parameters
  • Shared Oracle ASM Password File in aDisk group
  • Starting & Stopping ASM Instances

Administering ASM Disk Groups

  • Managing ASM Disk Groups with
  • ASMCA& SQL Commands
  • Creating Disk groups
  • Altering Disk groups
  • Adding & Removing Disks
  • Mounting & Dismounting Disk Groups
  • Dropping Disk Groups
  • ASM Failure Groups

Administering ASM Directories & Files

  • ASM Directory structure
  • Managing ASM Directories
  • ASM Files
  • Fully Qualified File Names
  • Alias File Names
  • Incomplete File Names

ASM Command-Line Utility (ASMCMD)

  • Types of ASMCMD commands
  • Running ASMCMD in Interactive mode
  • Running ASMCMD in Non-Interactive mode

Oracle RAC Architecture

  • Instance in RAC
  • Single Instance DB Vs RAC DB
  • RAC specific Background processes
  • Global Resources in RAC
  • Cache Fusion in RAC

Administering RAC Instances & Database

  • Overview of RAC DB Administration
  • Starting and Stopping RAC Instances and Databases
  • Terminating Sessions in RAC
  • Initialization Parameters in RAC
  • Data Dictionary in RAC
  • Files in RAC
  • Archiving in RAC
  • Client connections in RAC

Backup & Recovery in RAC

  • Configuring RMAN Snapshot Control
  • File location
  • Configuring Control File &SPFILE auto backups
  • Configuring Channel connections inRAC
  • Instance Recovery in RAC
  • Media Recovery in RAC
  • Parallel Recovery in RAC

Migrating File system Database to ASM

  • Why migrate to ASM?
  • Basic concepts of migrating to ASM
  • Preparing to migrate to ASM
  • Migrating Database to ASM

Converting Single Instance Database to RAC Database

  • Overview of different Methods/Tools
  • About rconfig utility
  • Preparing XML file
  • Converting to RAC using rconfig
  • Verifying the conversion

Patching RAC Environments

  • Patchset, Bundle Patch, One-Off Patch, Patchset Updates
  • Rolling Patches, OPatch Utility
  • Downloading &Analyzing Patches
  • Installing RAC Patches in Rolling fashion
  • Verifying Patch Application

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