Evolving as the best known oracle dba training in chennai, india and usa Greens Technology Velachery is proud teaching body with full fledged assistance to the current industry needs. We have a well planned and directed oracle dba 12c course curriculum that goes well with the industry needs and bearings. Here you will get a chance to get in touch with some of the expert and highly proficient software industry experts, who have an already practically dealt experience with the Oracle workability standards and are here to train you in the relative field with over 9+ years of experience in the real time environment.

Oracle DBA 12c Training

Our Oracle DBA Training is totally aimed at teaching and training students from the beginners stage to the already existing employees, as well. We have a RDBMS trademarked Oracle course structure that is well demanded in the industry. Our expert panel and the well defined course structure have made us evolve as the best oracle dba 12c Greens Technology Velachery in chennai, india, usa, canada and australia covering the required syllabus and course needs.

Course Objectives

With your successful course completion of the course of Oracle Training, you can be operational in terms of-

  • Introduction to the Database Architecture
  • Installation of the Oracle Database Software using the core DBA tasks and related tools
  • Creating and managing the Oracle Database
  • Learning the process of backup, recovery, security, schema objects management, flashback operations, data corruption, etc.
  • Running and managing recovery manager, incomplete recovery, non-critical losses
  • Learning Advanced Oracle and DBA 12c Training
  • Getting an insight of the OracleApps related DBA Training
  • Obtain a complete Performance Tuned Training
  • Receive SQL Server based DBA Training, as well

Course Curriculum

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Introduction to DBA

  • What is Database? Why Database?
  • Major Databases and Database Vendors
  • Roles and Responsibilities of DBA

Oracle Database Architecture

  • Database & Instance
  • Memory Structures – SGA, PGA
  • Background Processes
  • Server Processes
  • Database Files
  • Physical & Logical Structures

Installing Oracle 12c Database Server

  • Requirements for Installation
  • Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
  • Installing Oracle Software
  • Silent method

Creating Oracle Database

  • Planning the Database
  • Creating Database
  • Silent
  • Command line

Starting & Stopping Database

  • Startup & Shutdown modes
  • Starting & Stopping the database
  • Read-only & Restricted modes

Parameters & Parameter Files

  • Initialization Parameters
  • Static and Dynamic parameters
  • Parameter Files
  • Text & Server Parameter Files
  • System & Session Level Parameters
  • Changing Parameter values

Data Dictionary

  • Understanding Data Dictionary
  • Static & Dynamic Performance Views
  • Using Data Dictionary

Managing Diagnostic data

  • Diagnostic files
  • Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)
  • Viewing Diagnostic data

Managing Data Files & Tablespaces

  • Tablespace and Data Files Concepts
  • Blocks, Extents, Segments
  • Understanding Space Management
  • Creating & Managing Tablespaces
  • Big file Tablespaces
  • Tablespace Quotas
  • Configuring Multi-Block Support

Managing Undo Data

  • Transactions and Undo Data
  • Managing Undo data
  • Creating Undo Tablespaces
  • Configuring Undo Retention

Managing Temporary Tablespaces

  • Understanding Temporary Tablespaces
  • Managing Temporary Tablespaces
  • Temporary Tablespace Groups

Managing Control Files

  • Understanding Control Files
  • Multiplexing Control Files
  • Backing up Control Files

Redo Log Files & Archiving

  • Online & Archived Redo Log Files
  • Managing Online Redo Log Files
  • Fast Recovery Area (FRA)
  • Configuring Database Archive mode

Oracle Managed Files (OMF)

  • OMF Concepts and Use
  • File Naming Conventions using OMF
  • Creating Tablespaces with OMF

User Administration

  • Creating Users Accounts
  • Account management
  • Schema , Session, Killing Sessions
  • Using profiles to implement complex passwords and resource limits

Privileges & Roles

  • Understanding Privileges
  • Managing Privileges
  • Understanding Roles
  • Managing Roles

Oracle Net Services

  • Understanding Oracle Net Services
  • Net Listener, Naming Methods
  • Net configuration tools- NETCA, NETMGR
  • Configuring Listener & Naming methods
  • Establishing Database connectivity from Oracle Database Clients
  • Configuring Shared Servers and Dispatchers

Database Links

  • Distributed Databases
  • Creating Database Links
  • Managing Database Links

Backup and Recovery using RMAN

  • Backup & Recovery Concepts
  • Recovery Catalog
  • Full & Incremental Backups
  • Image Copy & Backup Set backups
  • Backup & Recovery using RMAN
  • Hot & Cold backups using RMAN
  • Complete & In-Complete Recovery
  • SQL & DESCRIBE commands in RMAN

Flashback Technologies

  • Oracle Flashback Technologies
  • Flashback Database
  • Flashback Table
  • Flashback Drop Table

Oracle Data Pump

  • Concepts of Logical backups & Refresh
  • Data Pump Exports & Imports

Transportable Tablespaces

  • Concepts of Transportable Tablespaces
  • Transporting Tablespaces across Databases

Database Cloning

  • Cloning Concepts and Considerations
  • Cloning Techniques
  • Cloning Oracle Home and Database
  • Manual Cloning
  • Cloning using RMAN

Data Guard

  • Overview of Data Guard
  • Benefits of Implementing Data Guard
  • Standby Database Concepts
  • Implementing Physical Standby database

Database Patching

  • Patching Concepts
  • Interim Patches, CPU, PSU patches
  • Patch Sets
  • Downloading & Analysing Patches
  • Applying Patches

Database Upgrade

  • Understanding the upgrade process
  • Upgrade methods
  • Upgrading Oracle11g to Oracle 12c

Database Performance Tuning

  • Oracle Tools for Performance Tuning
  • Instance & Database Tuning

Oracle Multitenant Architecture

  • Multitenant Architecture
  • Pluggable Databases (PDB) & Container Database (CDB)
  • Creating & Managing CDBs & PDBs
  • Users, Roles, Privileges in CDB
  • Parameters in CDB
  • Backup, Recovery of CDBs & PDBs

Who Can Learn?

Any Fresh Graduate or an existing employee can take up this course with any of the technical background in software. Anyone looking for a transformed career prospects in Oracle database management field can also take up this course for becoming an expert Oracle Database Manger or Analyst.

  • Aspirants looking for permanent jobs in big IT corporations
  • Students/scholars willing to start their professional career as a “Oracle Database Engineer/Manager/Analyst” with any of the IT giants
  • Proficient IT professionals who are willing to switch their field of work towards database management field
  • Aspirants with additional IT skills and educational background who are willing to gain practical freelancing experience in the related field
  • Aspirants willing to work as “Freelance Database Engineer/Manager/Analysts”

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